Monday, November 11, 2013

Updates on Long Term Investments / Additional Recommendations

Well leaving apart short term fluctuations, I think this is a good time to review where my longer term investment picks stand as on date [over the last 3 months].

NiftyBees: Buy Call given when value slips below 550 CMP 619 +12.5%

BankBees: Buy Call given when value slips below 900 CMP: 1092 +21.3%

SBI: Buy Call given when value slips below 1850 CMP: 1725 -9.3%

LT: Buy Call given when value slips below 800 CMP: 940 +17.5%

JP Associates: Buy Call given when value slips below 55 CMP: SL Triggered @ 45 -18%

Tata Steel: Buy Call given in the 200-270 zone CMP 360 +50%

On balance, the portfolio is still in green territory and I would still encourage holding the ones in green some more updates

SBI - Still maintain a Buy on Dips on this counter and over a 2-3 year period, this counter is expected to test 2550-2750 levels

JP Associates: Avoid this stock completely

Hindalco: Recommend Buying in the 70-95 zone for target 160+ with SL: 55

ITC: Recommend Buying in the 240-275 zone for target 375+ with SL: 200

Fixed Income
Today's impact on Bond Yields has weakened the NAVs of Debt Funds and FMPs

One should make use of the same and park some funds in this segment. Post elections, the yields will soften and the NAVs of debt funds will be much higher. Debt funds are expected to deliver about 14% returns over the next 18 months by virtue of rationalization of yields on bond yields [G-Secs and AAA segments only]

So go ahead and make use of the opportunities for good returns :D

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