Friday, November 1, 2013

Outlook For November 2013

So Nifty has defied gravity and fundamentals. October series started with the outlook as Daily = Bullish, Weekly = Bullish and Monthly = Bearish. A monthly close below 5803 would have kept the monthly trend as bearish.

For November series the values are as follows

Daily = Bullish and only EOD below 6125 can change that

Weekly = Bullish and only EOW below 5944 can change that

Monthly = Bullish and only EOM below 5850 can change that

Where do we go from here? Let us review the charts first

Nifty EOD

Nifty EOW
BankNifty EOD
BankNifty EOW

Current Nifty price levels are no way close to a secular bull market; in the previous instances when Nifty came to 6200-6300 levels, BankNifty used to be 12500+ levels; Capital Goods used to be at levels much higher than current levels. This time around its the IT pack and defensive pack leading from the front. So do I get aggressive with shorts - no way. During the recovery from 5118, I was with SL at 5740 and those were triggered long time ago. The price on the ticker is supreme and the same goes for DJIA, DAX etc. Just a few selected stocks are propelling the index higher and unless there is a proper reversal and as long as money printing by central banks continues, markets will edge higher whether we like it or not.

Coming back to Nifty, it is no doubt over-heated but should the prices take out 6357 [with 2 consecutive closes above 6280], Nifty may defy all sceptics like me as well and hit 6500-6600 levels. On the other hand, 6339-6357 levels are tested and the downward trajectory begins, it may be deja vu 2010-2011 again.

I won't hazard a guess at this stage and as mentioned earlier as well, I would prefer to switch gears depending on price action at the ticker. The levels to turn bearish have been given above on different time frames. [Daily 6125, Weekly 5944 and Monthly 5850]

The PCR on stocks are not showing excesses on the Put side for now; Implied Volatility has been dropping consistently for 6 weeks and hence a lot of premiums are being sucked out of both Calls and Puts. Regardless of where Nifty goes in November, IVs are expected to shoot higher and option prices rationalized by mid-November.

For the elections outcome in 2014 for India, there is a school of thought that the market is trying to price in the new government. I don't think that is the case. Right now, the only thing in the price is continuous QE from Fed, BoE, ECB and BoJ. It is very difficult to price in election outcomes for a market like India where the game ain't over till the coalations are stitched and somebody assumes power. When that will actually happen in India in 2014, we may expect a significant gap-up or gap-down regardless of where Nifty spot is at that point of time. Post elections, we may expect Rollar to appreciate significantly and go to sub-48.25 levels.

Other market updates
US indices are moving up courtesy QE. Just some small corrections post FOMC meeting are routine profit booking sessions. 15k+ is where it stands even after that. Only rising yields on Treasuries can reverse the situation. [and it is overdue for a correction]

Similar for DAX and FTSE. The Black Swan event of new German parliament has still not come through. There are serious backdoor negotiations taking place between Ms Merkel's CDU party and the SPD. Im still expecting a major suprise in Europe in the near future most likely from Germany or from Finland. But more on that when it actually happens.

These bull markets have been steady for almost 5.5 years now post-Lehman Brothers and have weathered the debt crisis of Europe thanks to rampant money printing. Once the bull market attains maturity, the growth and returns start flattening out.

Precious Metals: Some sideways movement can go through but IMHO the bottoms have been found. The dips must be bought into and most likely in about 18 months from now, we may see old highs being tested once again.

Crude will hover around the 70 - 100 dollars a barrel mark with most of the time towards the higher end of the range. For now, it is Diwali time and enjoy the upsides till they last.

So wishing all a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year. As I keep saying always, views apart, follow the trend and prices on the ticker and you will be fine. 

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