Friday, March 2, 2012

EOD Analysis For 2nd March 2012 and Outlook For 5th March 2012

Gap-down @ open but plugged during the day; volumes are still pretty good with OI in Nifty futures hovering around the 28.5 million mark; VIX shuttling between 27-28 and premium on Nifty futures still pretty high.

Critical Levels and outlook remain unchanged; it is good to see such consolidation phases and to the extent 5177-5196 [5200 rounded] holds on closing basis, markets are tilted in favor of bulls.[36 consecutive sessions in a row now and still counting] There is liquidity in the system and whilst there are some uncertainties in the coming week and next, positive surprises can be expected to be greeted with loads of greenery on the bourses [and vice versa for negative surprises]

Trading levels are covered by Raghuji [with vishesh tippannee from wave rider and rcg[ji] when required] and SMO well so I need not re-invent the wheel :D

Next Update for Nifty: Monday EOD


Anonymous said...

Looks like CONG wins the election and markets shoot up the moon.Nifty 6k coming in 2 weeks IMHO

MBA ROADIE said...

sounds great!