Tuesday, March 20, 2012

EOD Analysis For 20th March 2012 and Outlook For 21st March 2012

OI in Nifty futures was 34 million on open today [until yesterday, I had only taken Mar & Apr series Nifty futures and from today until expiry, the May OI in Nifty futures will also be counted] No point in updating VIX factor because the ticker is not reflecting price action correctly IMHO

BNF did have some wild swings today; a huge surge of 100+ points within 15 minutes of open, a dramatic fall, followed by a meteoric rise and then another 80 odd points given up!

Critical Levels for both NF and BNF remain unchanged from yesterday; just updating the same Nifty image [posted initially on 28th Feb] with an additional trendline courtesy yesterday's fall

Confirmation for Bullish Hypothesis will be 2 consecutive closes above 5408
Confirmation for Potential trunctation of 5th wave will be 2 consecutive closes below 5177

Other Updates: Last night got the information that 2 of our virtual family members have been hospitalized. One is the 75 year-young RCG[ji] alias Lalu Prasad Yadav on Raghuji's blog - details of ailment not known to me

The other is a gentleman called Vishal Seth who will be operated on the brain today/tomorrow.
We all hope and pray that things go smoothly for both these gentlemen and their family members.


Suraj said...

I wish RCGji and Mr Vishal speedy recovery and good health in the days to come.

SATYA KAMA said...

We Pray & Wish for the speedy recovery, good health & well being of both the gentlemen

viji1975 said...

Wishing speedy recovery and good health of both the gentlemen

Nishi said...

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