Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wave Count Review - 19th February 2011

Dear Readers
Attached is the slide set with different EW scenarios; frankly, there is nothing much to write home about as most of the points are almost identical to what Raghuji regularly covers in his blog; some jargon here won't even help initiate the next trade!

The comments and notes are self explanatory;

EW Review: Please click EW Review on the left hand side to download the charts and counts......

PS: 2 major points to remember;

EW works best at index level [individual stocks may at times demonstrate valid EW patterns but these may not happen consistently as EW principles are based on mass psychology best demonstrated by the index; so please use EW to identify turning points and which market cycle we are in......

The anticipated moves basis EW patterns must be cross-checked with other indicators as well; [trendlines, volume and momentum as Raghuji keeps insisting all the time in his blog!

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