Tuesday, February 14, 2012

EOD Analysis For 14th February 2012 and Outlook For 15th February 2012

Happy Valentine's day to all;

OI in Nifty futures dropped a couple of million today but still hovering around the 28.5 million mark. Sectoral churns as usual and VIX still below 24. Liquidity flowing from all over BoJ, BoE and more anticipated from Fed as well; so all this liquidity will certainly find their ways into the stock and commodity markets.

Whilst a correction is anticipated, even such pauses are good after such a relentless rally across Nifty from the lows of December; we have had only 1 meaningful day of correction in 2012 so far; 6 sessions to go prior to expiry and things still seem to be hunky dory on the surface.

Today marked the first close above 5408; [we need 2 consecutive closes above 5408 and the same did not happen last Friday after Thursday 9th Feb close above 5408]

Critical Levels and outlook remain unchanged from yesterday.

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