Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Master Time-Price Charts October 2011

We are just 1 day away from expiry and due to start a new series from Friday. I am uploading the Time Factor chart for your reference that must be used in conjunction with the pivot chart given earlier with 26th August as the centre. This one has 30th September as the centre which is the first trading day of October series.

Click here to download the chart for reference

Just to clarify how to use the chart for analysis and trading - always look for the dates that have the pink or yellow shades. These dates are high probable dates from where a trend change can possibly commence. The probability of a trend changing session becomes even higher when compared with the chart of a previous pivot point. [for instance in the current month chart, 10th October marks a high probable trend changer; now if we look at the pivot chart of September series, 10th October is a date with a potential trend change there as well. This increases the probability of the trend change that can come through. In advance it is difficult to forecast whether the trend change will be positive or negative; it is just an alerter to look for changes around that date. [Sometimes the trend change commences in the middle of a session and gets confirmed the next day]

These charts can be used for any index or stock that one tracks - just that the direction of trend will be specific to what one is tracking [could be negative for Nifty but positive for Airtel for example] However, this works only for most liquid indices and stocks [or even currencies for matter provided the liquidity aspect is not missed. If one tries to use this for USD-ZAR contract or USD-DHM, probably it will get little success. But for Group 1 and Group 2 currencies this works pretty well]

Disclaimer: This is something that harshal bhai and I are working upon as a part of our research on Fibo-Gann time analysis. With passage of time, as we are getting some success, we are sharing our files with our fellow-boarders. Kindly do not take this as absolute as a confident and high probable forecast can only be done after going through these iterations for a couple of years.


animoitra2011 said...

Dear Nagraj ji would you ellaborate a little more about this chart.For example what do the colours pink and yellow signify here .Regds.

master of none said...

Hi reach sirji. If you can insert dates of September along with dates of October meaning say 10 th September is tend changer just if we can have same notification than we know or guess wht can happen near those dates buz lots of yellow n pink dates hence indication of previous dates n quite interesting results....just a suggestion ... Redgs mon:)

reachnagraj / theknight16 said...

The Sep charts and dates hav been given already 5 days ago withtitle Time Price Alerts Latest

master of none said...

Got it sirji. Perfect... Will on updating .... Redgs kamaal:)