Friday, April 27, 2012

EOD Analysis For 27th April 2012 and Outlook For 30th April 2012

OI in Nifty futures hovering around the 20-21 mill mark and VIX excessively cool yet

Critical levels for Nifty and BankNifty still remain unchanged and we should expect a range bound session for May i.e. Crucial Support for Nifty in the 5032-5092 band and Critical Resistance for Nifty in the 5348-5408 band [For BankNifty this should translate to about 10150-10750]

Strange to see BNF futures going @ discount wrt spot and need to observe this for a couple of sessions more [30-40 premium is the usual standard esp at the beginning of the series]

Just an image for illustration with data until yesterday EOD [this is the same chart I shared with our FB Group as well last night]

I am travelling for personal work over the weekend and hence Monday's post is doubtful from my end but expect to be regular from Tuesday.

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