Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EOD Analysis For 7th March 2012 and Outlook For 9th March 2012

Unfortunately I don't have the OI/VIX data with me right now and hence no inputs on those end. [software problems thy name :(]

Critical levels and outlook remain unchanged for both Nifty and BNF from yesterday's post.
5177-5196 band survived yet another day. The scale is evenly poised between bulls and bears and as long as bulls hold this crucial band on closing basis, they have an upper hand; however, they can only breathe easy after taking out 5408 [taking out 5280 with volume and momentum is first signal for safe traders to go long]

For traders with risk appetite, Raghuji's vibrant posts with trading levels / justification are there for all to see; must point out over here that this is all a result of Wave Rider constantly hammering us with 'Effort + Discipline = Success' We keep working on the left hand side variables and hope that the result moves more consistently than has been in the past.

PS: Whilst Raghuji has been giving us a lot of info on EW and Nifty trading levels, I must point out over here that the Rollar is also moving as per EW scripts :D. Rollar completed a very longer term 5 wave structure at 54-55 levels, came down in a corrective towards 48 and now is chalking out the 2nd/B wave; if this count is correct, the maximum fall the Rollar will have is 52 followed by a monsterous 3rd/C wave taking Rollar well below 46.25 as well IMHO and that will cheer up the bourses big time! Let us keep our fingers crossed

Wishing all of you greetings of Holi; enjoy the festivities with friends and family.

Next Nifty Update: Friday EOD


Suraj said...

Happy Holi NaagiJi. Good analysis as always. Keep it up.

Sai Prashant Hariharan said...

Dear Nagi,

Thanks so much for your detailed review on NIFTY PARADOX. It has become our regular norm & habit to go through Nifty Paradox, EW Counts by Raghuji and Random words by Shree.


Kind Regards.

Sai Prashanth Hariharan