Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Master Time-Price Charts 2011 With 2 Significant Pivots

As a tribute to the valuable support all of you have been providing to this blog, today, I would like to share with you 2 master time-price charts which have been refined from the earlier charts with 2 pivot dates

Chart1 Please click the Chart1 Link on the left to access the first file

Chart 1 takes the 5th November 2010 high of 6338 as the pivot high and plots the subsequent time and price actions till date

Chart2 Please click the Chart2 Link on the left to access the second file

Chart2 takes the 11th Feb 2011 low of 5177 as the pivot low and subsequent time and price actions till date

With these 2 charts as reference, all the vertical, horizontal and diagonal dates highlighted in colors mark crucial turning points for Nifty and thus give you an idea to be alert for subsequent swings either ways and take trading positions accordingly. You can see the time and price actions already covered and gauge the significance of this chart.

I sincerely hope that these charts help the followers of the blog in a positive way for trading and investing.

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