Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nifty Outlook For July Series

Nifty June series made a lot of precedents in 2011
It was the first instance of Nifty futures starting the series at a discount
Then when the 5348-5408 zone was considered safe, it made way all the way down to 5196 before starting its ascent all the way to 5655 on expiry day.

Way forward for July series
The crucial period is 4th July to 8th July where a rapid downward test can be expected. The other key dates are 15th July and 23rd July
Since we had 5 consecutive closes above 5408 in the last week of June, it is safe to assume that 5408 is the bottom for the next 3 weeks.

As of now, I would peg the upside for Nifty to be capped at 5690 on EOD basis for July series. The only scenario that would continue the bullish momentum is 2 consecutive closes above 5740 levels; this will imply a retest of 5890-5944 levels but the probability of this happening is 1%

Projected Path for July Series
Upto 4th July - move towards 5690 levels
5th July to 8th July - rapid fire correction with a visit to 5408-5440 levels
11th July to 15th July - retracement back towards 5550 levels
18th July to 23rd July - Flat sessions in the 5408 - 5532 zone
25th July onwards - expecting Nifty to kick off a rally and move back towards the 5690 levels


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